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A world class and independent electric power industry regulator that equitably promotes and protects the interests of consumers and other stakeholders, to enable the delivery of long-term benefits that contribute to sustained economic growth and an improved quality of life.

Planning and Information Service (OLD)

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Mr. Teofilo G. Arbalate, Jr.

Officer-in-Charge, Information Technology Officer III

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Ms. Ricci Grace M. Garcia

 Planning Officer V,

Planning Division

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Ms. Alma C. Clemente

Officer-in-Charge, Information Officer IV,

Public Information Division

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Mr. Michael B. Bonagua

Officer-in-Charge, Information Technology Officer II,

Management and Information Systems Division

Contact Information
OfficeEmailPhone Number
Planning and Information 689-5341
• Planning 689-5342
• Public Information
(63-2) 631-5343
• Management Information Systems 689-5344
Responsible for providing the Commission with relevant, timely and accurate reports, data/information, and for taking the lead role in the information dissemination to the general public (section 62, P3).

  • Conducts technical and policy research and development to address the needs and demands of a dynamic electricity industry;
  • Develops and implements ERC's management information system by using appropriate and responsive information and communication technology/systems
  • In the coordination with the CEO, prepares corporate short, medium and long term plans for Commission's approval;
  • In the coordination with the CEO, prepares a proposed annual budget and annual performance/accomplishment report for the commission's approval.

Management Information System Division
Responsible for providing complete, timely and accurate information, which will enable the Commission to make quick knowledge-based decisions/actions;

  • Designs, installs, maintains and updates information and communication (which includes financial analyses, internal accounting, management, operations, and Human Resources Information) systems, which can effectively respond to the unique needs and demands of the agency;
  • Installs, maintains, and updates a website for the use of the Commission, the ERC's various operating units and the general public.

Public Information Division

  • Develops innovative approaches for image/perception building to heighten public awareness of the ERC;
  • Recommends policies for the use of multimedia for consideration by the Commission;
  • Acts as a spokesperson of the commission; addresses queries from the press and public;
  • Provide the consumers with timely, relevant and complete information on electricity matters that affects their interests;
  • Plans and organizes agency events;
  • Designs and packages annual reports, brochures, flyers or any other related material (Section 37, e, iv; Section 43, n; Section 76)

Planning Division

  • Prepares short, medium and long term plans for the Commission;
  • Recommends procedures for the effective management of the
    agency's resources;
  • Prepares the ERC Annual report in coordination with other operating units; (Section 62, P3)

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ERC Public Information Division
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