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ERC Sets 2018 Installed Generating Capacity and Market Share Limitations per Grid and National Grid

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) on 27 February 2018 has set the 2018 Installed Generating Capacity (IGC) and the Market Share Limitation (MSL) per Grid and National Grid as embodied in ERC Resolution No. 04, Series of 2018 entitled “A Resolution Setting the Installed Generating Capacity and Market Share Limitation Per Grid and National Grid for 2018” which specifies the following IGC and MSL per Grid and National Grid:



Installed Generating Capacity (kW)

% Market Share Limitation as per RA 9136

Installed Generating Capacity Limit (kW)

















The ERC is mandated under Sec. 45 (a) of Republic Act No. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001 (EPIRA) to set the IGC and MSL per Grid and National Grid annually to prevent a person, company, related group or Independent Power Producer Administrator (IPPA), singly or in combination, to own, operate, or control more than thirty percent (30%) of the IGC per Grid, and twenty-five percent (25%) of the National Grid.

Pertinent to the said provision of the EPIRA, the ERC promulgated Resolution No. 26, Series of 2005 entitled Guidelines for the Determination of Installed Generation Capacity in a Grid and the National Installed Generating Capacity and Enforcement of the Limits of Concentration of Ownership, Operation or Control of Installed Generating Capacity which took effect on 22 February 2006. Section 3, Article II of the said Guidelines provides that the ERC shall adjust the IGC and MSL per Grid and National Grid, on or before 15 March of the succeeding year and/or as often as necessary based on the maximum capacity of the power plants as submitted by the Generation Companies (GenCos) and other entities required to submit the said reports. GenCos are required to submit the reportorial requirements on or before 30 January of each year as per Section 1, Article III of the said Resolution.

“The setting of the Installed Generating Capacity (IGC) and the Market Share Limitations (MSL), per Grid and National Grid, ensures consumer protection through the promotion of free and fair competition in the generation and supply of electricity.  The ERC, as part of its monitoring activities, shall continuously monitor to ensure that no generation company or other entity violates or breaches the MSL per Grid and National Grid” Chairperson and CEO Agnes VST Devanadera stated.

Date Published: 3/20/2018


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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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