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Notice of Public Hearing, ERC Case No. 2018-007 MC

In the Matter o the Application for Authority to Develop, Own and/or Operate Dedicated Point to Point Limited Distribution Facilties to Connect the 81 MW Wind Power Plant to the 115 KV Malaya - Teresa Line, with Prayer for Provisional Authority, Alternergy Sembrano Wind Corporation (ASWC)  applicant

NOPH_ERC No. 2018-007 MC
InitialOrder_ERC No. 2018-007 MC


Today at ERC
Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hearing Schedules
Case No.:
2018-083 RC [JU] [EX] [PT] [EV]
GUIMELCO's Main Office, Barangay San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras
In the Matter of the Application for Approval of Adjustment in Rates Based on the Tariff Glide Path on the Fourth To Sixth Regulatory Years of the First Regulatory Period for the First Entrant Electric Cooperative Under the Tariff Glide Path (TGP) Rules, with Motion for Provisional Authority

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