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Office of the General Counsel and Secretariat to the Commission (OLD)

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Atty. Maria Corazon C. Gines

Director III, OGCS

Contact Information
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Office of the General Counsel and
(63-2) 689-5345

Responsible for providing the legal advice or assistance to the Commission.

  • Provides legal representation in cases involving or affecting the Commission;
  • Provides legal analysis and opinions in matters related to the decision-making activities of the Commission
  • Assists or represents the Commission in dealing with other government offices/agencies and/or the public on matters involving legal issues/questions.

Acts as secretariat to the Commission.

  • Takes and keeps minutes of Commission meetings;
  • Upon the direction of the Chairman, prepares and releases the agenda for Commission meetings, together with the papers covering matters on the agenda, and issues notices of such meetings;
  • Maintains library of legal documents, acts as custodian of the official seal and all official records, and ensure safety/confidentiality of legal documents;
  • Determines appropriateness and timeliness of information and approves the release of same for publication at the website, after he has reviewed and cleared the same for the release, in his capacity as General Counsel.


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