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Regulatory Operations Service (OLD)

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Ms. Ellen C. Ebcas

Director III,

Regulatory Operations Service

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Engr. Alvin Jones M. Ortega

Chief Energy Regulation Officer,

Tariffs and Rates Division

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Engr. Legario L. Galang, Jr.

Engineer V,

Standards and Compliance Monitoring Division

Contact Information
OfficeEmailPhone Number
Regulatory Operations 689-5351, (63-2) 634-8641 (Tel/Fax)
• Tariffs and Rates 689-5355 to 56
• Standards and Compliance Monitoring 689-535
Responsible for enforcing the rules, regulations, standards and methodologies adopted by the Commission (Section 43, t; Section 22).
  • Develops recommendations with supporting studies and documentations in all pending matters before the Commission including rates, tariffs performance standards, universal service charge, stranded cots, system losses, cross subsidies and other matters as may be directed by the CEO.
  • Performs other functions as delegated by the CEO.

Tariffs and Rates Division
Responsible for preparing financial and economic studies regarding electric rates and tariffs. Such studies pertains to developing the Department's recommendations including but not limited to transmission wheeling charges, calculations of cross subsidies, calculation and design of universal service charge components. Lifeline rates unbundled rates for captive customers, cross-subsidy removal scheme, distribution wheeling charges and incentive schemes pertaining to systems losses (Section 2 c, f; Section7; Section 20; Section 23 P2, 3; Section 24; Section 25; Section 26; Section 32, P4; Section 33; Section 34; Section 35, P2; Section 36, P1, 2, 3, 4; Section 43 d, f, g, I, j, q; Section 51, d; Section 60; Section 67; Section 69; Section 70; Section 73; Section 74).

Standards and Compliance Monitoring
Responsible for recommending the various standards to be promulgated and enforced by the Commission and to be followed and observed by participants in the electricity industry (Section 7, P2; Section 23, 4, 7; Section 29, P2; Section 37, c; Section 43, b, h, p; Section 45 P5, 7).

  • Formulates and recommends for approval by the commission, the Performance Standards for TRANSCO and O & M Concessionaire, Distribution Utilities and Suppliers, and Financial Capability Standards for GENCOS, TRANSCO Distribution Utilities and Suppliers;
  • Evaluates Compliance Plan to the Philippine Grid Code and Philippine Distribution Code submitted by TRANSCO and Distribution Utilities;
  • Recommends adoption and promulgation of other standards which may be found to be necessary in the future.
  • Evaluates expansion reinforcement, rehabilitation and development project of the TRANSCO and Distribution System;
  • Conducts reliability studies and other technical/analytical studies for the Grid and Distribution System;
  • Develops/revises technical performance standard for the Grid and Distribution Code;
  • Conducts studies pertaining to individual distribution utility system losses.

Procedure for Filings / Submission of Applications

A. Applicant proceeds to the Tariff and Rates Division (TRD) of the Regulatory Operations Service at the 17th Floor for the following applications:

  • Authority to recover stranded cost by Distribution Utility
  • Authority to recover cost and return on Demand Side Management projects
  • Authority to revise schedule of transmission charges, distribution wheeling rates/retail rates for captive markets and unbundling of rates and functions
  • Authority to issue or increase capital stock

B. Applicant proceeds to the Standard and Compliance Monitoring Division (SCMD) of the Regulatory Operations Service at the 17th Floor for the following applications:

  • Authority to improve or expand TRANSCO’s transmission facilities consistent with the Grid Code and the Transmission Development Plan
  • Authority for the increase of equipment, construction, operation and installation of new units, increase of capacity or the extension of means or general extensions in the service

C. Applicant proceeds to the Investigation and Enforcement Division (IED) of the Regulatory Operations Service at the 17th Floor for the following applications:

  • Approval or modification of Certificates of Public Convenience and/or necessity of franchised electric utilities in accordance with law
  • Approval of any changes on the terms and conditions of service of the TRANSCO or any distribution utility
  • Approval or reappraisal of the eligible assets of TRANSCO or any distribution utility by an independent appraisal company
  • Authority to sell, alienate, mortgage, encumber, or lease its property, franchise, certificate, privileges or rights or any part thereof, merge or consolidate its property, franchise, certificate, privileges, or rights or any part thereof, with CPC/CPCN with any other utility/public service

The Receiving Officer examines the application to check the completeness of the documents. The applicant will be required to submit the lacking document before proceeding to step 3.
Normal processing time: 15 minutes

Receiving Officers

  • TRD - Rubiminda L. Trapela
  • SCMD - Erwin Christopher C. Asuncion
  • IED - Ronilo M. Alvis

The Receiving Officer prepares assessment of fees.
Normal processing time: 5 minutes

Application Fees:
Php 3,000.00 for applicants who are not paying supervision fees
Php 700.00 for applicants who are paying supervision fees

UP Legal Research Fund:
Php 10.00 applicable to all applicants

Applicant pays the assessed application/filing fee to the Cashier at the 14th Floor and gets the Official Receipt (O.R.).

Applicant brings eight (8) copies of the application documents together with the attachment and the O.R. to Cheryl Calindag of the Docket Section at the 22nd Floor for recording purposes.
Normal processing time: 15 minutes


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