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Market Operations Service (OLD)

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Atty. Debora Anastacia T. Layugan

Director III,

Market Operations Service

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Atty. Marina C. Bugayong

Chief Energy Regulation Officer,

Licensing and Market Monitoring Division

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Ms. Judith L. Mangosing

Chief Energy Regulation Officer,

Spot Market Division

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Ms. Leticia N. Mendoza

Officer-in-Charge, Chief Energy Regulation Officer,

Contestable Market Division

Contact Information
OfficeEmailPhone Number
Market Operations 689-5390, (63-2) 633-3253 (Tel/Fax)
• Licensing and Market Monitoring 689-5391
• Spot Market 689-5393
• Contestable Market 689-5392

Develops recommendations with supporting studies and documentation in all pending matters before the Commission including issuances of certificates of compliance, licenses for suppliers of electricity, contestable markets, wholesale spot market, anti-competitive behavior and other matters as directed by the CEO.

Spot Market Division
Responsible for formulating recommendations with respect to the following:

  • Price Determination Methodology to be used in the operation of the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM);
  • Market fees to be imposed to market members;
  • The possible suspension of the wholesale electricity spot market or the declaration of a temporary wholesale electricity spot market failure (Section 30, Section 43 c)
  • Abuse of market power, cartelization, and other anti-competitive or discriminatory behavior as defined by its rules and regulations;
  • Investigates violations of the WESM Rules;
  • Enforcement of the rules and regulations governing the operation of the WESM; and
  • Monitors the activities of the Market Operator and other participants, for the purpose of ensuring a greater supply and rational pricing of electricity.

Licensing and Market Monitoring Division
Responsible for marketing recommendations for issuances of licenses to participants in the electricity industry, and for monitoring of their performance (Section 6, P2, 6; Section 29, P1, 5; Section 43, k, o, p, s).

  • Reviews and supervises the issuance of licenses for generation and supply companies including: compliance, financial evaluation, technical evaluation, legal and corporate qualification, conflict of interest determination, compliance with the Grid/Distribution Code provisions and other laws and IRR;
  • Conducts periodic reviews of the guideline/requirements for the issuance of licenses/franchises for possible improvement in the process/system;
  • Monitors activities in the generation and supply of electric power to promote free market competition and secure transparency in the allocation or pass through bulk purchase cost of distribution;
  • Recommends settlements of disagreements in valuation, procedures ownership participation and other issues between TRANSCO and distribution/utilities.
  • Inspects premises, banks of account/records of any person/entity at any time to determine existence of any anti-competitive behavior and/or market power abuse;
  • Recommends for approval, criteria/standards for determining for qualifications of applicants for licenses to operate.

Contestable Market Division

  • Formulates recommendations regarding mechanics, guidelines and procedures on how qualified retailers and contestable customers may effectively participate in retail competition.
  • Evaluates the performance of the contestable market and recommend the reduction of threshold level.
  • Conducts market surveillance on the implementation of retail competition and open access.
  • Enforces rules and guidelines promulgated in relation to the conduct of retail competition players.
  • Formulates recommendations concerning measures to address problems/weaknesses observed.
  • Promotes public awareness and appreciation on the significance of retail competition and open access among electricity consumers.
  • Enhances understanding of the concept of retail competition to electricity consumers in such a way that they become empowered to exercise their freedom to choose.
  • Establishes and maintains relevant information systems and database for use of the Division in its market surveillance function.

Procedures in Applying for Certificate of Compliance (COC)


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