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Section 1. In General. - Pleadings shall be written in any of the official languages, typewritten or printed, and filed with the Docket Section of the Commission. It shall state clearly and concisely the ultimate facts and legal authority upon which the pleader relies for the grant of authorization or any other relief.
Section 2. Supporting Documents. - All pleadings shall be accompanied by such documents which substantially establish the truth of the factual allegations contained therein.
Section 3. Application. - By means of an application, the applicant seeks authorization or permission to undertake any matter or activity within the regulatory power of the Commission. It shall contain a concise statement of the authorization applied for and the ultimate facts that would qualify or entitle the applicant to the grant of the authorization being sought.
When the application is predicated on a franchise, sale, lease, mortgage, or any other contract, such franchise or contract shall be referred to in the application by alleging in substance its salient and pertinent provisions and appending to the application a copy of the franchise or contract.
Section 4. Petition. - By means of a petition, a person, other than an applicant or complainant, petitions the Commission for affirmative relief under any statute or other authority delegated to the Commission. It shall state clearly and concisely the petitioner’s grounds of interest in the subject matter, the facts relied upon, and the relief sought, and shall cite by appropriate reference the statutory provision or other authority relied upon for relief. If the relief sought affects the rights of other persons, it shall implead all these other persons as respondents and state their complete names and addresses. 
Section 5. Complaint. - The complaint is a concise statement of the ultimate facts of the matter complained of within the regulatory power of the Commission, and shall specify the principal relief sought. It shall state the complete name and address of the respondent against whom the complaint is directed.
Section 6. Answer. - The respondent summoned to answer a complaint or petition or to whom an order is issued by the Commission to show cause, shall file an answer within fifteen (15) days from receipt of the Commission’s order. The answer shall admit or deny the material allegations stated in the complaint, petition, or show cause order, and shall state the matters of fact and the law relied upon, attaching therewith such documents supporting the allegations in the answer.


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