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Section 1. Service Upon Parties. - Subject to the provisions of Rule 4 on Confidential Information, a copy of all documents filed in any proceeding before the Commission shall be served upon all other parties impleaded or admitted by the Commission. If a party appears after the original documents have been filed, a copy of all papers previously filed shall be furnished to such party upon its request.
Section 2. Manner of Service and Period to Respond. - Unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, service shall be made upon a party or upon its attorney, if an appearance has been entered, by hand-delivery, registered mail, or express courier delivery to its place of business or residence. Service may also be made by electronic service (electronic mail) or facsimile transmission, if the parties agree that it is sufficient.
If the party served is allowed under these rules or by order of the Commission a certain period of time within which to respond to the pleading or document served upon it, the period shall commence on the date of receipt by hand delivery, registered mail, or express courier delivery. By agreement, the parties may also use the date of electronic service/mailing or facsimile transmission as the reckoning date of the commencement of the period.
Section 3. Proof of Service. - There shall accompany and be attached to the original of each document filed with the Commission proof of service upon all other parties as required by this rule, which shall consist of a written admission of the party served or the certification of the party serving, containing a statement of the date, place and manner of service, and with the registry or courier delivery receipts, if service is by registered mail or express delivery, attached thereto.
Section 4. Filing of Pleadings and Other Papers. - The filing of pleadings and other papers shall be made by presenting the original and two (2) copies of any pleading or other papers, together with the diskettes or compact discs containing the electronic files of the same, personally to the Docket Section of the Commission, or by sending them by registered mail addressed to the Docket Section.


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