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Section 1. How Rendered. - Unless otherwise stated in these rules or order of the Commission and subject to the vote requirement in Section 38 of Republic Act No. 9136, all final orders, resolutions and decisions shall be signed by the members of the Commission who concurred thereto at the time the same was deliberated upon and approved in a Commission meeting where a quorum is present.
Section 2. Form and Contents. - All final orders and decisions shall be in writing stating clearly and distinctly the facts and the law on which it is based. They shall be filed with the Docket Section of the Commission which shall immediately cause copies thereof to be served upon the parties and to such other persons or entities as the Commission may designate.
Section 3. Rendition of Decision. - Unless otherwise stated in these rules or order of the Commission, the Commission shall render its decision in all applications, petitions or complaints within thirty (30) days from the date the case is submitted to it for decision on the merits. In all its final orders, resolutions, or decisions, the Commission may grant such relief, impose such conditions or fix such terms as may be deemed necessary to promote public interest.
Section 4. Correction of Clerical Mistakes. - Clerical mistakes in orders or decisions arising from oversight or omission may be corrected by the Commission at any time on its own initiative, or on motion of any party.
Section 5. Finality. - All final orders, resolutions or decisions of the Commission shall become final and inappealable upon the expiration of fifteen (15) days from notice thereof to all parties. Any appeal shall not stay the same, unless the appellate court shall direct otherwise.
Section 6. Appeal. – The appeal from final orders, resolutions or decisions of the Commission shall be taken within (15) days from notice thereof or of the denial of the appellant’s motion for reconsideration duly filed in accordance with Rule 23.
Section 7. Compilation and Publication of Decisions. - The Docket Section shall compile all final orders, resolutions, and decisions of the Commission and make them available for public inspection.


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