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Section 1. Filing of Motion for Reconsideration. - A party adversely affected by a final order, resolution, or decision of the Commission rendered in an adjudicative proceeding may, within fifteen (15) days from receipt of a copy thereof, file a motion for reconsideration. In its motion, the movant may also request for reopening of the proceeding for the purpose of taking additional evidence in accordance with Section 17 of Rule 18. No more than one motion for reconsideration by each party shall be entertained.
Section 2. Opposition. – Any party to the proceeding may object to a motion for reconsideration filed under Section 1 by filing an opposition thereto within ten (10) days from receipt thereof. After the filing of said opposition or the lapse of the period for filing the same, the motion shall be deemed submitted for resolution, unless the Commission grants the request for reopening the proceeding, in which case it shall set the case for hearing.
Section 3. Effect of Filing of Motion for Reconsideration. - The filing of a motion for reconsideration shall stop the running of the fifteen-(15) day period in Section 5 of Rule 22 and prevent the final order, resolution or decision of the Commission from becoming final and inappealable. However, unless otherwise ordered by the Commission, such filing shall not prevent the final order, resolution or decision from becoming effective, as the same shall be effective upon the date specified therein or upon the lapse of the fifteen-(15) day period, as the case may be. 


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