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Address: 3/F Veria I Bldg. 62 West Avenue., Quezon City

Contact Persons:Isabelita Llames - President, Engr. Augusto Sarmiento - Asst. Area Manager - QC Office, Dolores Ramos

Contact Numbers: (02) 374-2134, (02) 374-3039, (02) 371-4683 fax, (075) 5222782

Unbundled Electricity Rates

(NOTE: The unbundled electricity rates displayed here are the distribution utility's approved rates based on the Commission's Decision dated November 14, 2011, under ERC Case No. 2011-106 RC. Existing rates or rates reflected in the consumer's electricty bill differ from these unbundled rates because of other Rules, Guidelines, Orders and/or Resolutions issued by the Commission. For inquiries on existing rates, please contact the Tariffs and Rates Division, Regulatory Operations Service (TRD-ROS) at (02) 914-5000, locals 117-119, or send an email to

ERC Case No. 2011-106 RC




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