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Notice of posting to solicit comments on the Proposed Amendments on the Rules for the Registration of Wholesale Aggregators [Archive-80]

Notice is hereby given that the proposed amendments to the "Rules for the Registration of Wholesale Aggregators" are posted on the ERC website to solicit comments from the industry stakeholders. Said proposes amendments may be downloaded from the ERC-administered website at or may be photocopied, at cost, during regular office hours at the ERC Main Office.

All interested parties may submit their comments (in both hard and soft copies) on the proposed amendments on or before 06 January 2010. Electronic copies may nesent to Parties who have filed theit written comments on or before the prescribed period would be given priority during the above-scheduled public consultation.


Please be advised of the proposed amendments on Article III of the Rules on the Registration of Wholesalw Aggreagators which read as follows:

1. Section 2- Documents and information to be submitted

     "xxx xxx xxx"

 f. Five-year Business Plan indicating the following:

  i. Market Share and Revenue Target(s)

  ii.Type/s of Market to be Served

  iii. Target Market Areas

  iv. Marketing Strategies

  v. Supply Services to be offered

  g. Undertaking to comply with the Obligations of a Wholesale Aggregator."

2. Section 5- Contracts with distribution utilities

All contracts entered into by Distribution Utilities with the Wholesale Aggregators shall be considered as bilateral power supply contracts and shall be filed with ERC,within five (5) days after date of contract signing subject to review and approval by the ERC pursuant to Section 45 (b) of the Act. Bilateral power supply contract shall be subject for approved by the Commission. The recovery of the cost of power purchased by the distribution utilities shall be governed by the Guidelines for the Recovery o Costs for Generation Component of the Distribution Utilities' Rates."

3. Section 6- Failure to submit requirements

"Failure to submit the additional requirements to the ERC within sixty (60) working days shall be a ground for denial of the application or renewal of registration."

The Commission approved the posting of the aforementioned amendments on the Commission's website on 24 November 2009 until 06 January 2010 to clarify the requirements on the issuance of a Certificate of Registration as Wholesale Aggregators.


Date Published: 12/1/2009


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