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Online Reportorial Submission

  1. The “Registration Form” and “Online Reportorial Submission Facility Terms and Conditions” will be available in the website for downloading (both are in Microsoft Word format).
  2. Authorized users must download the forms, fill up all the mandatory fields and sign it before submitting to the concerned ERC offices with the following information:
    1. Alternate users
    2. One company issued ID
    3. One government issued ID (e.g. Passport, Driver’s license, UMID or SSS ID)
    4. Contact Details
    5. address
    6. Registration Form signed by the authorized user and approved by their Authorized Approving Officer (e.g. General Manager, President etc.)
    7. Specific “reports” they are authorized to upload
    8. Signed “Online Reportorial Submission Facility”  usage terms and conditions
ERC Concerned Offices (For verification and endorsement)

  • Investigation & Enforcement Division - URR Reports
  • Standards & Compliance Monitoring Division – Annual Reports
  • Consumer Affairs Service – CWD Reports
  • Licensing and Market Monitoring Division – COC Reports
  1. The concerned ERC offices will validate the information provided by the Utility and endorse their registration to the Executive Director for approval.
  2. The Executive Director will forward the approved “Registration Form” to the Management Information Systems Division.
  3. The MISD will do the following:
  • Create the new user from the Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory.
  • Send via postal mail the new user’s unique login name and password and instructions on how to use the system.
  • Send an SMS message and electronic mail to the user informing them of the approval of their request. The email will also have a link to the SSL VPN client for downloading.
  • Inform the concerned ERC offices on the approval.
The users upon receipt of the email or the postal mail will simply download the “SSL VPN client” in the ERC website or follow the link in the email and follow attached instructions.
  1. After downloading the client, the user will install the SSL VPN client in his or her computer or laptop.
  2. With Internet connection, the user will simply run the SSL VPN client which directly points to the ERC Extranet Server website.
  3. User will follow the “Reports” link to upload their specific reports to a specific folder.
User will follow the “Reports” link to upload their specific reports to a specific folder.



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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Hearing Schedules
Case No.:
2019-100 RC [PT] [EV]
NGCP & APRI (Makban A)
Virtual Hearing: Platform - ZOOM
Case No.:
2019-101 RC [PT] [EV]
NGCP & APRI (Makban B)
Virtual Hearing: Platform - ZOOM

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