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The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) granted on 16 May 2017 the requests of the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corporation (PSALM) and the National Power Corporation-Small Power Utilities Group’s (NPC-SPUG), respectively, for extension to submit their petitions for the availment of the Universal Charge (UC).  With ERC’s approval, PSALM is authorized to file its petition for Stranded Contract Costs (SCC) and Stranded Debts (SD) portion of the UC for CY 2016 and update its implementation of CYs 2007 – 2010 NPC’s SCC Portion of the UC under the true-up adjustment on or before 31 July 2017.  Meanwhile, NPC-SPUG may file its petition for CY 2018 UC – Missionary Electrification (UC-ME) subsidy requirement on or before 13 June 2017.

"We have resolved to accede to the requests of PSALM and NPC-SPUG to enable them to complete all the necessary documents to support their respective petitions”, Officer-In-
Charge Alfredo J. Non clarified.  

PSALM and NPC-SPUG communicated to ERC that they were constrained to request for an additional period of time within which to submit the required petitions since the original deadline is no longer feasible for them considering the availability of the certified financial statements which will serve as the bases in calculating the subject availments.

It must be recalled that R.A. 9136 or the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA) of 2001 has specified that the petitions for the availment of Universal Charges (UC) for subsequent years shall be submitted to the ERC on or before the 15th of March every year.  The ERC has previously granted similar requests of PSALM and NPC-SPUG for extension to file petitions.  


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