ERC to consult public on SoLR rate filing rules

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) will consult the public on the proposed Rules on Rate Filing by the Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) on Wednesday, 15 November 2006, at two o’clock in the afternoon (2:00 P.M.). The public consultation will be held at the ERC Hearing Room, 15th Floor, Pacific Center Bldg., San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Business District, Pasig City.

The Rules on Rate Filling will provide a uniform filing system for SoLR rates/charges in the affected contestable market. It will also ensure recovery of the allowable premium and reasonable returns and other costs associated with the SoLR service.

The public will get the chance to comment on the filing requirements, filing procedures, as well as on the reportorial requirements that are laid down in the Rules.

“The public consultation is one of the best avenues for interested parties to voice their concerns. The ERC urges the public to actively participate in this exercise for a more effective set of Rules on Rate Filing by the SoLR,” ERC Chairman Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr. said.

Article V of the Rules requires the SoLRs to file and submit for ERC’s approval their proposed rates to be charged to their respective contestable market. Prior to the filing of their rate applications, compliance with the provisions of the Business Separation Guidelines (as amended) must be established by the SoLRs to properly account for expenses falling under the Last Resort Supply Business Segment.

The distribution utilities (DUs) will serve as the SoLR in the early stages of retail competition and open access. The provision of SoLR service may later be opened to competition and other entities, in the appropriate time as determined by the ERC.

October 26, 2006