ERC launches website for Retail Competition

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) launched on 14 November 2006 a new virtual electricity market site. The website, which can be accessed through its universal resource locator (URL), provides customers in a contestable market with access to the retail electricity market.

“The new website was created by the ERC with the customer in mind and the ERC is very excited about it because it will facilitate the realization of retail competition which is the ultimate goal of the Electric Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA). The ERC wants to promote customer choice by harnessing the advances in information technology to bring electricity shopping to the fingertips of the customers,” ERC Chairman Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr. said. “Electricity customers can now gain access to a wealth of information on the retail electricity market by logging on to,” Chairman Albano added.

The user-friendly website developed by the ERC provides electricity customers in the contestable market with vital information about Retail Electricity Suppliers (RES). The general price offer, contact information and link to the website of the RES are also provided in the new portal.

The website also provides customers with easy-to-follow steps in transacting with the RES of their choice. It guides customers on how to choose a RES and how to switch to another. Customers are also educated on the rights and obligations of electricity buyers and suppliers. The homepage gives the latest news and developments in the establishment of the retail electricity market.

“Once such a market is in place, electricity customers can actively seek the Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) of their choice and take advantage of the competitive offers. The ERC advises the public to log-on to to learn about virtual electricity shopping,” Chairman Albano concluded.

This early, the portal already attracted more than 2,000 visitors as of the end of November 2006 despite limited resources for its promotion. “It is encouraging to know that there is a growing interest in the retail electricity market as seen by the increasing number of hits on the website.”

December 12, 2006